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Friday, 22 May 2015

The Mouse...from an original post funny or should I say spooky is this......I'm sitting here in the kitchen having a cuppa and finally tapping away at my keyboard after a few weeks of writers block...I was just introducing a new character into my new book...A Mouse of all things...why a mouse? It just came to me.
All of a sudden...out of the corner of my Eye I see something scurry across the kitchen floor and disappear under the door...when it re appears what is it? Only a bloody Mouse.
Omg I think it was meant to be.

“Now just hold that there, while I arrange some tea.” She said and disappeared from the kitchen, leaving Gerry alone or so he thought.

“Hello little fella.” He said to the mouse that....

That's what I was writing at the time. And this is how it continued.

“Hello little fella.” He said to the mouse that, caught his attention as it scurried across the kitchen floor.
The mouse stopped dead in its tracks and looked up at Gerry, as if listening to him.

“What is all this?” he asked, How did I get here? More importantly. Why? Why am I here my little friend.”

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